So you want to know a little bit about me?  Well here goes…

I am a qualified hotelier, interior decorator and cake artist.  I have worked for 11 years in the hospitality industry and another 10 years in the retail and wholesale sectors.   In that time I have always enjoyed being creative.

A few years ago I decided to do a course in wordpress website design and ended up building my own e-commerce store that has been running now for 3.5years and growing significantly every year.  Since then I assisted the previous company I worked for in maintaining their current website and also build a new e-commerce website for one of their inhouse brands. I have also build another e-commerce platform for a wholesale business, a business directory service and a portfolio website for a baker.   I have also done a few basic logo designs as well.

I decided that I need to develop my creative gifts, and am currently busy doing more courses on design to enrich my own inquisitive mind.

I would like to assist smaller business with my creative skills, to enable them to generate a bigger marketing footprint of their businesses.